About Us


Hats & Mittens was organized by Rebecca Jorgenson Sundquist in 1996 as a 501c3 as a dual purpose nonprofit: gather and raise thousands of dollars to purchase hats and mittens for local children AND help award a monetary contribution to smaller under the radar metro children’s organization. 

However during the celebration of our 25th year, we made the decision that we would invest in Hats & Mittens only, raising funds to purchase warm hats and mittens for the ever growing need in our community. The need has unfortunately become so great, we decided it was best to focus not only on keeping the community warm, but extending this message to our next generation.

In collaboration with Doing Good Together, we developed a children's curriculum focused on spreading the warmth in the community. Focusing on the next generation, we hope to instill the value of philanthropy... starting as young as Pre-K through Middle School. If you are interested in learning more about this curriculum, please email: rebecca@hatsandmittens.org. 

To learn more about our impact for the 2022-23 winter season, check out our postcard

Our Vision
A warmer and more welcoming world for children.
Our Mission
At Hats & Mittens, our mission is to warm the bodies and hearts of kids and adults everywhere. That starts by providing free hats and mittens to children in need during the cold winter months.
Board Members

Rebecca Jorgenson Sundquist, Founder
Rachael Barnes
Michael Heiser
Charlotte Lefebvre
Erin Holmen
Linda Holmen
Rachel Nash
Chas Scheiderer
Jerry Sundquist
Diana Weddigen

Committee Members

Lorna Anderson
Mary Book
Barbara Doore
Kari Hoskin
Deb Jorgenson
Maggie Peterson
Karen Ploetz
Jim Sarver
Karen Walhof
Judy Wells