Help Us Collect

Welcome to the Hats & Mittens family! Thank you for your willingness to help us collect warm hats and mittens for children and young adults in our community who need warm weather gear this winter.



What is Hats & Mittens?
Hats & Mittens, an all-volunteer 501c3 organization was founded in 1996 by Rebecca Jorgenson Sundquist with the goal of ensuring that the children of our community have access to warm hats & mittens during the Minnesota cold winters. Over 450,000 hats & mittens have been collecting and distributed over the past sixteen years.

A second part of the Hats & Mittens mission is selecting one organization each year serving children in our community to raise funds for at the December 30 celebration event. The 2014 Hats & Mittens Winter Ball will be held at the Mall of America Radisson Blu Hotel from 6pm to midnight. Funding will be raised to purchase more hats & mittens as well as supporting the good work of Urban Boatbuilders.

The Need in our Community
Over 50 organizations in the twin cities metro area and the Duluth area will be recipients of warm hats & mittens this winter! Our goal is to collect 40,000 sets by the end of 2015. Thank you in advance for your part in providing for warmth for children who need our help. Thanks to a partnership with The Greater Twin Cities United Way, Hats & Mittens is able to identify groups of children who need hats & mittens as well as connect with organizations that wish to collect.

How to Collect

  • Most organizations we serve prefer waterproof mittens when possible
  • We need all sizes of hats & mittens to keep kids ages 3 years old to eighteen warm
  • Gently used hats & mittens are welcome!
  • Call for a pickup OR see drop-off addresses to the right

Please spread the word and help others form their own Hats & Mittens collecting circle. We guarantee you’ll feel the warmth yourself in serving others in our community!

Best regards, Rebecca Jorgenson Sundquist, founder